Quick natural hairstyles for lectures

We sometimes spend so much time on our hair which sometimes make us late for lectures. Some of us find it difficult in selecting a style for our hair. Styling it becomes another problem. That’s why I compiled this styles to make it easier for us as students and also help us save some money rather than going to the saloon.

First of all, to be able to style your natural hair you should consider the texture and length of your hair. To be able to do these hair styles basically you need a comb, hairband, pomade for the hair and gel.

Scary Spice Half Up Double Bun

Half Up Half Down

With this style you can twist the hair or use a roller before going to bed. When you up you twist out the hair to get your curls and you part your hair into two equal halves. You then hold the front part into a ponytail and rap the top like a doughnut.

Large Puff and Swirling Braid

This styles is suitable for people who have the afro bun or curly hair. You braid a portion of the front hair into cornrow. You then hold the rest of the hair plus the cornrow into a pony. Then you put the afro bun on like a ponytail.

Feed In Braided Hairstyle

Part hair into two parts. Divide the first half into two and braid the cornrow as seen in the picture. Then hold the remaining hair into a pony. You can style with hair accessories.

Twist out for curly hair

We can choose to call this hairstyle the lazy hairstyle. Very easy to do and less stress. With this style you can twist the hair before going to bed. When you up you twist out the hair to get your curls and you good to go.

Pulled back ponytail

As the name suggest pulled back ponytail. You hold your hair towards the back and hold it in a ponytail. Apply some gel at the edges to make the pony smooth.

Click this links to learn more quick hairstyles.





*Dont forget to wash your hair regularly at least once a week.This are just a few hairstyles and hope it makes your natural hair journey easier.

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